Heller Information Services
Customer Bandwidth Monitor

This site uses MRTG to provide a visual representation of data movement on dedicated connections (T1, ISDN, DSL) for HIS customers.

  • Three graphs are provided:

    • Daily - 5 minute average
    • Weekly - 30 minute average
    • Yearly - 1 day average

  • The graphs are updated every 5 minutes.

  • Data that moves into your system is plotted in green; data out to the net is polotted in blue.

  • Because the graphs present the data on a moving average basis, peak transfers of short duration often don't show up. Also, the averages shown will appear to drop when viewed on a weekly or yearly basis because of the longer averaging periods used for those charts. As a result, the graphs are primarily useful for getting the "big picture" about how your bandwidth is being used (identifying peak times of day, showing trends over a period of time, etc.), and other techniques such as FTPing large files from test servers should be used to measure actual data transfer speeds.

For assistance (including instructions on how to access password-protected data for your site), please contact support@his.com.

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